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No Thrush 8 oz Bottle Sale Price $27.50

How do you know your horse has thrush?
tenderness in the heel region of the hoof, smelly frogs, black/gray/green substance in the collateral grooves and central sulcous, undetermined lameness, uneven wear of the hoof wall and tattered or cracked looking frogs.
Easy to Use!
No Thrush is a powder that is applied liberally to the frog daily. Most cases will clear up within 4-6 days but more stubborn cases can take up to two weeks. A maintenance dusting can be applied monthly to keep thrush at bay.
Before and after using No Thrush
on a chronic thrush case for five days. Active abscess at the toe also had No Thrush applied and it dried up and was healing. This horse had been lame for years off and on from thrush and laminitis and after one month of treatment is walking comfortably now.
No Thrush
is attacking and cleansing the infection with its Proprietary blend of powdered salts, diatomaceous earth, and oregono.

No Thrush 4 oz Bottle Sale Price $15.00