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Smart N Slinky is a beautiful 2002 AQHA sorrel stallion with a wonderful attitude and disposition. He's easy to handle and breed. He is available for cooled shipped semen. Slinky is listed with the APHA as a breeding stallion. His foals are good minded and very athletic. Slinky is N/N for HERDA.

Breeding Information
2012 Breeding Fee $350.00 stud fee (includes a $50 booking fee) Cooled Shipped Semen $250 - Fee includes collection, processing, 2 syringes and shipping.
Live cover to approved mares only.
Email: for more information and contract.


Ozzys Smart (APHA pending)

I just love this colt. He is Panda's foal from April 2011 by Slinky. He is the most docile and loving little guy. I've been able to pick up all of his hooves and trim him just having him stand tied alone. He is now weaned and in with Bruiser and Slinky so he can learn to be with the big horses. I know he is going to be a great kids horse. He will also be a great conversation starter with his partial blue eye.

Steel Poco Bruiser (APHA)

This is Panda's bay dun tobiano colt from 2008. He is a grandson of Skippers Shelter from the Weiscamp Ranch and a great grandson of Color Me Skip. He has started training and I have decided to keep him intact for now. I am not standing him to the public until he is going under saddle and I know how his manners are going to be. He is a very calm colt and is easy to work with. I'm am hoping to some day cross his color and bloodlines on to my solid mares.